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9 July 2020. Congratulations to Mert, the first author, and to all co-authors of our new publication in Nature Communications! In this article, we elucidate a major mechanism that controls myelination and remyelination after lesion and we identify a treatment that promotes remyelination in the peripheral and central nervous systems after traumatic or demyelinating lesions.



Duman M, Vaquié A,Nocera G, Heller M, Stumpe M, Siva Sankar D, Dengjel J, Meijer D, Yamaguchi T, Matthias P, Zeis T, Schaeren-Wiemers N, Hayoz A, Ruff S, Jacob C (2020). EEF1A1 deacetylation enables transcriptional activation of remyelination. Nature Communications 11: 3420. Link






15 July 2019. Our first Summer Party at BZ1!

Nothing wrong with solid planning... Video


11 June 2019. Our first publication in Mainz and our first cover! Congratulations to Adrien, the first author, and to all co-authors of this article published in Cell Reports! This study identifies a novel aspect of Schwann cell plasticity required for timely clearing of damaged axons and axonal regrowth after lesion and its triggering mechanism, which depends on VEGFR1. In addition, we show that this behavior can be transferred into mature oligodendrocytes after axonal lesion in our microfluidic models.


Vaquié A, Sauvain A, Duman M, Nocera G, Egger B, Meyenhofer F, Falquet L, Bartesaghi L, Chrast R, Lamy CM, Bang S, Lee S-R, Jeon NL, Ruff S, Jacob C (2019). Injured axons instruct Schwann cells to build constricting actin spheres to accelerate axonal disintegration. Cell Reports 27: 3152–3166. Link to publication, Link to press release









27 September 2018. Prof. Jacob receives the IRP Schellenberg Research Prize together with Prof. Götz

Photo (c) Urs Albrecht, Fribourg (CH). From left to right: Prof. Andreas J. Steck, Philippe Boissonnas, Prof. Magdalena Götz, Prof. Claire Jacob, Prof. Theodor Landis